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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 4, August, 2013: The Power of Focus

Focus is absolutely important to achieve success.
When we come to church, we feel filled with faith as we listen to God’s word.
However, as we go through life, we may feel distracted with bills, financial, health and marriage challenge.

In golf, the golfers lock on the target.
The last target where they lock their mind to before swinging their stick is very important.
Similarly, the last thought that occupies our mind before we sleep is very important as it will set the motion of the next day.

Luke 9:51-53
Lord Jesus didn’t get distracted as He was on the way to the cross.
In another occasion, He only healed one man by the pool of Bethesda instead of healing all the sick people there.

John 4:1
Water baptism is a very spiritual thing. Yet Lord Jesus did not do that because it was not His calling.

How do we stay focused in God?

1.) Self Image
Do we ourselves defeated? Do we see ourselves victorious?
To have the right self image does not mean we are narcissistic or we consider ourselves as ugly ducklings.
Numbers 13:33
The Israelites considered themselves as grasshoppers. As a consequence, God punished them.
We are made in the image of God. Once we know who God is, we will obtain the right self image.

2.) Self Worth
We are worth more than silver and gold. Even Lord Jesus came and rescued us.
Rm 8:32
We may face health or financial challenge. Yet, if God has given the best gifts, why would He withhold other smaller gifts?

3.) Self Esteem
How do we feel about ourselves? We should feel good about ourselves.
God does not create us emotionless.
Pro 23:7
We often make decision by what we feel. Hence, we need to ensure our heart is in line with God’s word.
We should feel precious because God says we are precious.

In every season of our lives, we should focus on what God says about us and what He wants us to do.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 27, July, 2013

James 5:11, Job 1:1, Job 2:7, Job 7:5, Job 2:9
Nothing happens by chance. Job lost his business and health.
Even his own wife asked him to curse God and die.
When Pastor Kong himself observed Job, he thought he had no problem at all (despite the ongoing crisis).

Job 23:10
Tested=refined through fire. Gold must be purified through fire.
When the impurity surfaces, the goldsmith removes it.
Similarly, silversmith keeps refining silver until he sees his own face reflection on the silver.

Judg 7:7, 19
Israel was under the oppression of the Midianites.
Gideon had 300 men to fight with 135000 Midianites. 300 men lapped like dog (dog represents humility).
The Midianites were actually more afraid of Gideon than Gideon was afraid of them.
Just keep believing God and His promise.

Judg 7:20
The sword of the Lord and of Gideon.
300 men were united and submit to Gideon’s leadership even though he was not perfect leader.
Similarly, CHC leaders are not perfect. Yet, by God’s grace, they  managed to realize the vision God has given them.

Pro 6:19
Let’s stay united in cg, church and family.

You can download his sermon here:

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Sword Of The LORD And….. Who Cares About Gideon

During this trying period experienced by the church, many church members decided to leave the church.
Somehow, they felt the church leaders have let them down.
Furthermore, some of them criticized the leaders in various blogs and forums using impolite and defaming words.

These past 2 weekends Pastor Kong addressed the issue of leadership a little bit in his sermon.
I summarized here what he had said and I added my own analysis.

1.) The young Samuel who grew up under Eli the priest.
Eli the priest was certainly not a good leader.
He loved his sons (Hophni and Phinehas) more than he loved God.
He did not strictly discipline them after all wickedness they had done.
God even told the young Samuel the punishment due to the family of Eli.
Yet in all of Eli’s imperfection, Samuel faithfully served under Eli’s guidance.
He did not disrespect Eli in any way.

2.) Gideon and his 300 men.
During their fight with the Midianites, Gideon’s men shouted “The sword of the LORD and of Gideon.”
Well, they could have said “The sword of the LORD….. and who cares about Gideon!!!”
After all, Gideon himself was imperfect. For instance, he was fearful when God raised him to be a judge.
In spite of all Gideon’s imperfection, they still respected him as their leaders.

Pastor Kong emphasized that CHC leaders are imperfect people themselves.
Yet, by God’s grace, they have managed to achieve the vision God has given them.

I posted before that even if CHC leaders are declared guilty, I will still stick to the church as per normal.
Well, in the (super duper ultra unlikely) case that I leave the church, I will just do it quietly without losing my respect to the leaders.
If I ‘announce’ my leaving to the whole world, I am afraid I might become a bad testimony.

The second round of trial of CHC leaders are drawing near.
Shall keep them in prayer,

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 13, July, 2013: Pray, Worship and Rest

It is finished.
Matt 11:28
Lord Jesus finished all the work of salvatiön, deliverance and healing. Hence, He offers rest to us.
While we should work our best, there is so much we can do. God will handle the heavy lifting.

Rev 5:8-9-10
Harp: worship, bowl: prayer. God will make us kings and priests in the lifetime.
We shall reign in the land of the living. We shall see the greatest revival as countless multitude will come to God.

How to enter into the rest of God?

1.) Thinking. Pro 23:7
When the mental barrier has been broken, impossible become I am possible. Prayer is 30% verbal, 70% thought.
We fellowship with God via our thought. We should focus on the positive when we do our daily activity.

2.) Vision and dream. Act 2:17
Vision and dream are language of the Holy Spirit.

3.) Believing. Mark 9:23. John 11:40
We should believe in God’s promise.
Rm 10:16-17
We need to constantly immense ourselves in God’s word.

4.) Speaking. Rm 10:8, 10
We need to confess God’s word constantly. When we can’t confess, we can ask help from others.

You can download his sermon here:

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 23, June, 2013: Revelation Knowledge

Eph 1:16-17
Knowledge = epignosis = true, accurate, thorough, full knowledge of God. It changes our lives profoundly.
CHC should become a church built on revelation. Every revelation is an experience but not all experience is a revelation.

Rm 1:28-29
Ginosko = know God = they experienced God a lot. Yet, they did not get changed.
We can experience diving healing or deliverance but we can still fall away. Judas is a prime example for this.
Experiential knowledge alone is not enough. In the end, it was not translated into epignosis. In the end, they fell away.

2 Pet 1:1-2
There is already a measure of grace and peace in our lives.
However, in the midst of difficulty, we need more grace and peace.
This is especially true in the current season of CHC. More than ever before, we need to come to the place of revelation.

2 Cor 12:6-10
Apostle Paul received much revelation. He also received much grace to handle the suffering.

2 Pet 1:3
God’s divine power comes through revelation. Lord Jesus will give revelation to each of us personally.
Christianity is dynamic, it is more than just studying dry philosophy.

2 Pet 1:4
God speaks and gives promises. When we pray, we should wait until God speaks.
Partakers = intimate fellowship, communion, union.
Revelation opens door to commune with God in the most intimate level.
Due to this intimacy, a part of God’s nature is deposited in us. We are then changed personally.

Luke 1:37
Nothing = no spoken word from God. Whatever God has promised, it will come to pass.

1 Thes 2:13
Word of God will work if I believe. Effectively works = energeo energeo = superhuman power.
Mary simply believed and had faith in God’s word. What is that secret desire in our heart? We should not give up on His promise.

You can download his sermon here:

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, June, 2013: Father To Our Children

John 14:6

The Jew mainly know God as Lord or Adonai. Lord Jesus came to reveal God as Heavenly Father.
How should a father play a role in the life of children?
A father will influence his children forever. A father should protect his children from bad influence they are not ready for.

Children typically dream to be heroes like Superman or Iron Man.
The good news is the children look up to their father as a hero.
5 ways to be a hero to children:

1.) Lead them.
Children instinctively follow their father and turn to him for guidance.
All children want their father to be proud of him/her.
A father may only have about 20 years to be with their children. He should lead them by staying true to moral conviction.

2.) Love them.
A son looks up to his father as a hero. A daughter looks up to his father as her first love.
Love must be pressed into children’s lives.
How to express love:
– positive words (expressing emotion via words or writings)
– quality time (children cherish the most when they spend time with their parents. When children rebel, it is ok to keep a distance. But don’t keep a distance for too long).

3.) Discipline them.
God is gracious and yet sets boundary.
Proverb 3:11-12.
A father should discipline his children in God’s wisdom. A hand of discipline should be covered with a velvet glove.
Too loose discipline and the children won’t learn, too strict discipline and they will hate.
For every discipline, there should be twice encouragement.
Proverb 22:6.

4.) model humility.
Humility may be taken as a sign of weakness.
Numbers 12:3
Moses was the most masculine leader. At the same time, Moses was very meek.
Humility isn’t weakness. It is starting point for anything great in life: repentance, faith and obedience, and success.
Matt 23:12.
Humility: accurate self assessment: recognizing strength and acknowledging weakness.
God loves us so much that He sent Lord Jesus to redeem us. How can then God not take care of our daily needs?
Such love should always cause us to stay humble.
Happiness is truly found when it is routinely denied. It takes more than money or fame or good look to be happy.
Self indulgence doesn’t require strength of character. How to teach humility? It can’t be taught. It is caught. We model humility.

5,) Teach them who God is.
Let them hear and see our prayer especially in the time of crisis.
It isn’t just in the church, but also in the family.
It is not about pushing God into their lives. It is about evangelizing through action.

You can download his sermon here:

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 2, June, 2013: Revelations

1 Cor 15:3-10
Aportle Paul wasn’t part of the original 12. He lamented he was born at the wrong place and time.
He wasn’t even part of 500 who witnessed the ascension.
Even though he was the least of all apostles, he became the most prominent apostle.
He wrote 13 or 14 books of the New Testament through direct revelation of Lord Jesus.

1 Cor 2:1-2
Apostle Paul didn’t want to know Jesus in His natural life only. He wanted to know Jesus in His divine state.

Gal 1:11-12
Apostle Paul received direct revelation: Lord Jesus taught Him directly.
When Apostle Peter confessed He was Christ. On that revelation, He built His church.
A church isn’t just information. More revelation makes a church stronger.
Otherwise, a church is nothing more than an organization.
In fact, we need more divine revelation to build families and business.
City Harvest Church was built on revelation: Global Missions, Church Without Walls, and Crossover Project.

Eph 1:16-18
Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Knowledge: full, thorough and accurate knowledge of Christ.
Let’s have a deep experiential knowledge of Christ that our lives will be profoundly transformed for all eternity.
Personal revelation from Christ speaks intimate connection with Christ.
Lord Jesus becomes so real that we become more and more dedicated to Him.

Eph 3:10-13
Wisdom of God: revelation.
Revelation makes us strong against the devil.
Apostle Paul wrote this letter when he was in prison. He stood strong in the midst of adversity as he had received revelations of Christ.
At some point, we will face demonic attack. In order to keep our first love to Him strong, we should receive revelation all the time.

You can download his sermon here:

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