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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 25, May, 2013: Parable of the Dog

It’s about the Lordship of Christ.

Acts 2:36.
There is no doubt Lord Jesus is the ultimate Ruler.
He can give eternal life to anyone He wills.
Just knowing God is the Lord isn’t enough.
Is He my Lord?
At salvation it is Lord Jesus dying for me. At lordship it’s me dying for Him.

God is the good God.
Phil 1:6. Eph 2:10.
It is better to always ask God for the direction. Even if His answer is no, it is for our good.
Let God sculpture our lives, our part is simply to pick up and carry the cross.
Like in the potter’s house, the clay has first to be purified (bad attitude is removed),
then God places us on a rotating wheel (regular basic Christian discipline).
Then God squeezes us (we’ll know who we really are under pressure).
God then lets us dry. Once, we are dry, God puts us in fire.
Isaiah 43:2.
God doesn’t exempt us from fire. God makes sure we are not burnt in fire.
Pain makes us grow in character, it teaches us many things.
I learn obedience through pain. God does more behind me than in front of me.
Lord Jesus learned obedience through suffering. He chose obedience in the Garden of Gethsemane.

You can download his sermon here:

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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 14, July, 2012

This sermon is the complete version of the encouragement Pastor Phil talked about 2 weeks back.

Eph 1:6
We are accepted, or favored, in the beloved.
The moment we come to God and receive Christ, we receive favor from God.
Mephiboseth was lame on his feet. His life was filled with shame as he came from the disgraced Saul dynasty.
When David reigned, he did something unthinkable: he restored Saul’s possession to Mephiboseth.
Because of David’s covenant with Jonathan, Mephiboseth (Jonathan’s son) received such a great favor from David.
Similarly, we are lame because of sin.
However, we receive favor from God not because of us, but solely because of Christ’s work.

Receiving favor does not guarantee a problem free life.
In fact, it means problem-full life.
Nevertheless, just like Moses’ prayer (Exodus 34:9), God’s presence is with us even in the midst of problem.

Some examples of people who receive favor from God yet lived a problem-full life:

1.) Noah found favor in God’s eyes. Years after years he was building the Ark.
He tried to preach to the people around him, yet people ridiculed him.

2.) Joseph found favor in Jacob’s eyes. Joseph received a beautiful robe from Jacob.
He could have chosen not to wear it in order to avoid jealousy from his brothers.
However, he still wore it because he cared more on honoring Jacob his father than his brothers.
In the end, Joseph still suffered the pain of slavery.

3.) Mary found favor in God’s eyes as she became the mother of Lord Jesus.
Yet, who would have believed her? It was a virginal conception.
Nobody believed her, except maybe Elizabeth and Joseph.

4.) Lord Jesus received favor from God and man.
Yet, He suffered the cross.
People even considered Him being cursed by God, not knowing He actually bore the curse of sin of the whole world (Isaiah 53:4-5).

[Btw, does it sound even like Pastor Kong’s case?
Even Christians out there considered him to be judged by God for his sin even though they do not know for sure what is ongoing]

There are four essential things to live as God’s favored people.
1.) Jesus Christ’ finished work.
2.) Holy Spirit.
3.) The Word of God.
4.) The church.

When the Holy Spirit comes upon us, He gave us the gifts of tongues.
There are several types of tongues: new tongues, other tongues, angelic tongues, and unknown tongues.
Praying in the Spirit builds us up (Jude 1:16-17).
The opposite is complain. Complaining and criticizing is the fastest to grieve the Spirit.
As pray in the Spirit, God’s strength becomes our strength (Isaiah 40:27-31)

A very good sermon.
Get a copy of it in The Ink Room today:

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