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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 9, June, 2013: The Tabernacle

Exodus 40
It represents the house of God and our ministry to Him.
There were furniture outside and inside the tent. Moses anointed the the them with oil as they were set only for God.
Also, Moses consecrated the people as priests: Aaron and his sons. Priestly garment was instructed by God. The priests were solely God’s.

God wanted the Israelites to raise up the tabernacle as He would use it as a dwelling place among His people.
When it was done, God’s cloud came. God took ownership of the tabernacle as His house.
Moses, as a contractor, could not go into the tabernacle as and when he liked.

Mercy seat is like God sitting on His throne.
The Holy place is like His living room where the priests could have fellowship under some lighting and aroma oil.
The brazen altar was in front of the living room and it kept burning, representing God’s 24 hours forgiveness.

The pillar of fire at night lighted up the whole camp, representing God watching over His people.
He never sleeps or slumbers.
Similarly, because of it, the priests could have lighting so they could minister at night too.
Sometimes, we, too, should minister to people at night or in the early morning.

The laver was for washing of hands before the priests entered the Holy place.
Similarly, before serving God’s people, we should pray that God will cleanse us.

Ex 19:6 John 1:14
Lord Jesus represents the Temple and the furniture of the tabernacle.
He is both grace and truth. Similarly, when we minister to others, we do it in grace and truth.

The animal sacrifice was to atone for the sins so God’s presence could come.
Let’s remove all the sins so the presence of God can come.

Heb 4:16, Heb 5:1-2
Lord Jesus doesn’t despise us. Hence we can approach His throne.
God calls us to be His ministers. We may think we are unqualified as we are imperfect.
However, the imperfection is what qualifies us since we can then sympathize with others.

Ex 39:32-43
It wasn’t easy to build the tabernacle. However they all arose in one accord to build it.
They really did it and in the end, Moses blessed them.
Similarly, CHC people should arise and build God’s house and minister in one accord.

You can download his sermon here:

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What I Will Do If CHC Leaders are Declared Guilty

A friend asked this question to me last year, “What will you do if the verdict says CHC leaders are guilty?”
At that time, I gave a very unconvincing answer. After all, that question caught me by surprise.
But now, in the light of recent trial, I have given much thought about this question.
And my answer is:

I will do as per normal. Nothing will change.
I will still be active in cell group, ministry and church service.
I will also still give tithe, offering and building fund.

Here are my 3 considerations:

Firstly, the details do not affect me.
I think I am still considered as visitor even though I have been active in CHC since 2005.
Since I have never been informed that I am considered as Ordinary Member, I can then conclude I am just considered as visitor.
As a normal member, I do not know many details regarding money transaction the church does.
I assume Executive Members know more details than I do.
In the first round of trial alone, already the court revealed plenty intricate details.
Since from day one I do not know them, it does not matter to me whether or not the court will reveal more of them.

Secondly, the end result matters to me the most.
Being in the research background, I am conditioned to get the final result.
While the detail is important, getting the end result is way more important.

(For example, a Physics professor is setting a new lab.
He will require his PhD students to align the laser system.
Most of the time, they have to decide which mirror, lens or screw to use and other details.
The supervisor is likely to be too busy to be bothered with such details.
His job is mainly to provide money.
His students may work overnight or may even sleep in the lab.
However, that won’t change the requirement of aligning the laser system.
Result, the perfectly aligned laser system, is the supervisor’s main concern and objective.)

Pastor Aries has announced the end result: no single cent is missing and, in fact, the church has earned the interest too.
To me, that is the most important thing I would like to know.
I seriously do not mind if my contribution to building fund goes all around the world.
As long as I know the end result which Pastor Aries has announced, I am more than happy even if I do not know the details.
Having said that, I understand the saying “The end does not justify the mean.”
However, this statement refers to morality and ethics issue, which I am not interested to discuss.

Thirdly, the bond investment in Xtron was a success.
Yes, it was a success as Pastor Aries has acknowledged.
No single cent was missing and the interest came too.
I really applaud Xtron for that.
As a comparison, 2 years ago I invested 10K in a bond from an insurance company.
I was told the interest rate was 7% per year.
2 years has passed. How is the bond doing? Kinda disappointing.
I still receive 7% interest. However, the bond value has dropped from 10K to around 8.3K now.
Have I made money? No. I’ve lost some money.
Man! Come to think of it….. I should have bought Xtron bond!!!!!!

The next round of trial will be held in August. It will be the defense’s turn.
Maybe I should attend it? I would like to pray for the leaders right there in the court room.

CHC Trial 21, May, 2013 (Day 4): Opinion and Possible Scenario

On day 4 of the trial the prosecution brought a witness Koh Siew Ngea who is a director of Xtron Productions.
The defense did not get a chance to cross examine him. They would do it the following day.
So, here I am, giving some opinion on the trial based on what written in the media and City News.

Prosecution tried to establish the close relationship between CHC and Xtron.
Indeed, as Koh mentioned, CHC always has supports Xtron as Xtron also supports CHC’s vision.
In fact, CHC decided who should become Xtron staff.

It is sufficient to see that CHC is really linked to Xtron.
However, that is something to be expected, in my opinion.
CHC is more than just a community center. It is a family too.
If I want to do business, I would rather do it with my own family member rather than outside people.
After all, with my own family members, I can be open to recommend people to hire or direction of business.
I have the impression than my own family members are more trustworthy than non-family members.

Prosecution tried to show that the bonds CHC bought from Xtron were not genuine bonds.
Hmm, I think the ‘genuineness’ of a bond should be defined first.
From my perspective, the bond is genuine because the document was prepared by lawyers and, eventually, the church gained interest.

It was also revealed that Wahyu Hanafi bore the risk should Cross over project incur losses.
What a big risk he really took! I believe God would reward him for his courage!

Now, one thing which still bothers me is the transfer of S$ 6 million from Singapore to USA to fund Sun’s career.
I believe CHC leaders can explain it when their turn comes.
Meanwhile, I will propose a possible scenario to explain it. My scenario may be wrong, I admit.

Crossover project is church project. Funding Crossover project is equal to funding a church project.
Since Wahyu took courage to cover any losses in this project, maybe CHC leaders considered this project as a form of investment too from business point of view.
In other words, if this project was a success, CHC gained some interest and people would come to Christ.
If this project was not successful, CHC would not lose money as Wahyu would cover it and people would still come to Christ.

Am looking forward to more news on the trial :)

CHC Trial 15, May, 2013 (Day 1): My Personal Analysis

Finally, the first trial began this morning.
I followed news on Straits Times and City News (my very own church website news portal).
I should say it was interesting to hear what prosecutor said.
Since it was the prosecutor’s turn first, the CHC side can’t do anything much.
Nevertheless, City News managed to get some comment from the defense.

Setting aside the details of money transfer, the prosecutor (Mavis Chionh) used the following argument:

– The Building Fund money was used to finance Sun’s career instead of buying land, furniture, etc.
– Since it was different from the original purpose as stated on the Building Fund pledge, the use was then unauthorized.
– Theological legitimacy is irrelevant.

(Theological legitimacy here may refer to evangelism purpose of Cross Over project, I think)

However, as the defense told City News:
– Theological legitimacy is relevant.
– The use of Building Fund to finance Cross Over is not unauthorized.
– The accused had no wrongful gain; there was no unlawful loss; the Church made good and there has been no dishonesty.

Indeed, now the true battle is no longer the battle of evidence. There is no doubt money transfer took place.
However, the true battle is the battle of definition: what is the definition of ‘authorized’ transfer here?
Was it lawful or was it not lawful to transfer money after they have come with the definition?

The pledge card of Building Fund does say the money will be used for the purchase of land, construction costs, rentals and furniture.
However, the pledge card does NOT say ‘only’.
To me personally, as long as the word ‘only’, it is perfectly fine to use Building Fund for purposes other than those written in the card.

In case, anyone disagrees with my argument of ‘only’, I will give one Biblical example.
According to Matthew 8, Lord Jesus healed 2 demoniac in Gadarene. According to Luke 8, He healed one man.
Was there a contradiction between the two accounts? Not necessarily.
Luke did not use mention ‘only’ one demoniac.

So, who should then authorize the use of Building Fund money?
I personally believe the donators are the ones who can authorize.
A possibly extreme example to illustrate this.
Out of 24 million Building Fund money, 90% of the sum came from currently active church members.
Out of the whole currently active church members, 90% do NOT mind at all if their money was used for Cross Over project.
Interesting ‘authorization’, isn’t it?
Then those who really object may then request to get reimbursement. The church may then reimburse them.

(Btw, CHC status as charity organization with its taxation is another issue. The key is really with the word ‘authorization’.)

Well, I maybe wrong in this analysis.
But at least, I shall keep Pastor Kong and the leaders in prayer.
The LORD will vindicate them.

Pastor Tan’s Message 12 , April, 2013 Men’s Meeting

What you think is the problem is not what God thinks is the problem.
What you think is the solution is not what God thinks is the solution.
Before you can stand before your enemy, you must stand before God.”
-Pastor Tan Ye Peng, Men’s Meeting 12, April, 2013-

Joshua 7:2-5
Joshua just won a victory over Jericho. He then sent people to spy Ai.
He did all he could as a commander. He did everything he could, yet he still failed.
It is because they committed a sin. Committed: acted unfaithfully. They had broken faith with God.
Joshua asked God: why. He fell on his face.
God answered: why lie down. Get up.
What I think is the problem or solution is not what God thinks is the problem or solution.
Joshua asked what I shall say. God answered, say to them: sanctify yourself.
I can’t get my breakthrough unless I can stand before God.

Joshua 5:1-14
God introduced Himself as the Commander even though Joshua was already a commander.
God is more interested in revealing who we are than our winning.
Their fathers knew they were covenant people. However, because of their disobedience, God punished them.
The generation who had been born in the wilderness didn’t really know about the covenant.
When they were circumcised, they became the people of the covenant.
Even though the enemy was there, the problem was not the enemy. The issue was with their relationship with God.
After the circumcision, they were vulnerable. They might think it was like a suicide.
However, God’s protection was with them. The Canaanites were afraid not because of Israelites, they were afraid of God.

Joshua 7.
The men had to stand before God to bare their heart before God. Achan confessed his sin.

Joshua 8.
Champions are those who never quit. But before continuing, we should stand before God.

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Persistent Widow Persistent Prayer

Luke 18:1-8
Somehow I am reminded Pastor Tan’s message on this.
The widow kept requesting to the judge and the judge eventually gave in to her request.
God will also answer speedily, or suddenly, as we pray persistently.

Pastor Tan mentioned a ‘bad’ example of this principle.
Man A tries to hit a lottery once but he fails. He then gives up.
Man B tries to hit lottery years after years. After 10000 tries, he then strikes it at the 10001st try.
Between 2 men, who has more ‘faith’ in lottery?

As we pray incessantly, God will answer.
One day He will come and rescue suddenly out of nowhere.
Until that day comes, let’s do whatever we can do to solve the situation, shall we?

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 26, October, 2012: Prayer Meeting VIII

After ministry outing last Friday, I went to Jurong West prayer meeting for the first time.
It was planned to be 40 weeks of prayer.
So, it was the eight one which I attended.
Pastor Tan Ye Peng delivered a message on prayer.

Luke 18:1-8
The context of this passage is about the kingdom of God.
A widow persisted in asking a favor from an unjust judge since there was no other judge.
In the  end, the judge gave in to her request.

Lord Jesus taught them that they always ought to pray.
Similarly, we too, should pray and find a spiritual way against adversary.
Widow here represents the elect of God suffering from adversary.
God will then avenge them speedily or, more correctly speaking, suddenly.

Luke 17:25-30
Lord Jesus Himself suffered and yet He prayed.
Like lightning flashes: it is sudden. God suddenly acts.
In the days of Noah: Noah was a righteous man, suffering from the evil men surrounding him.
Times and again he warned them about the flood as he was building the ark. Yet, people mocked at him.
Finally, the day came. God speedily/suddenly avenged him by sending the flood.
In the days of Lot: Lot was a righteous man (2 Pet 2:7) who suffered from the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah people.
Finally, the day came. God suddenly saved him from the rain of sulfur and brimstone.

Luke 18:8
Will Lord Jesus find faith on the earth? What can faith He is looking for?
– Faith to continue praying to the same God.
– Faith that God will answer speedily and suddenly.
– Faith that God shows mercy and exalts us as we humble ourselves (Luke 18:14).
– Faith of little child to believe that coming to Lord Jesus is to enter the kingdom of God (Luke 18:17).
– Faith to believe that the kingdom of God does not come by observation but it is within us (Luke 17:20).

Matt 25:1-10
The foolish virgins might have thought they were wise and then mocked the wise virgins.
The wise virgins might have looked foolish for being overprepared. In the end, they were truly wise.
In the context of prayer, let’s over-pray.
Even when the breakthrough is obvious, keep praying. Do over-pray.

A very nice sermon.
A reminder for me to keep praying even when things go from bad to worse.

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