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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, August, 2012: Foundation Truth

1 Cor 3:9-11, Heb 6:1-2
A Christian life is often likened to building a building.
The church of God is built upon Lord Jesus.
On top of this solid Foundation, there are 7 other truths essential to build a strong Christian life:

1.) Repentance from dead works.
It is defined as inward change of mind resulting in outward change of works.
Repentance is always the starting point, the door which leads to other aspects in God’s kingdom.
Dead work is defined as anything sinful which displeases God.
It is not only realizing how bad we were, but also how good God is.
We should repent from our own righteousness then put on God’s righteousness.
Conviction leads to contrition which leads to consecration.

2.) Faith toward God.
The just shall live by faith. “To live” = to be sustained by.
Faith requires us to think God’s thought, to visualize God’s vision and dream, to believe God’s promise and to speak God’s word.
Faith is not always for something corporate and humongous. It can be for small and individual thing.
We should just trust God, stand still, wait, endure, persevere and see His salvation.
Just take that step, then another step, then another step, trusting in God.

3.) Doctrine of baptism.
Water immersion symbolizes our death burial with Christ.
Emerging from water symbolizes our resurrection with Him.
As we are baptized, God bestows upon us special grace to break the bond of sin.
We may still fall into sin once in a while. However, sin no longer has dominion over us.

4.) Laying on of hands
Baptism in the Holy Spirit makes us powerful Christians.
Speaking in tongue opens the door to spiritual realm.
Christian walk is experiential, not just ritual and code of conduct.

5.) Resurrection of the dead.
With resurrected body, we will never age. All the talents we have we will use for God’s glory.
The first resurrection happens when Lord Jesus returns.
However, there is one requirement: to suffer with Christ.
Suffering develops our character and develops our resolve.

6.) Eternal judgment.
For Christians, it will be a judgment to determine the reward of our work.
What is the test then? Simply, to obey His commandment.

7.) Going on to perfection.
Perfection here is synonymous with “maturity”.
We need to become more and more like Lord Jesus.
Perfection also means “finishing”.
Hence, we are here to finish our life purpose.

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