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SPMS Poly Open House 12, January, 2013 + Some FB Posts


Some school event last Saturday.
Just for last weekend, I attended Sunday service instead of Saturday.
Hence, I got to enjoy some free food!!! Open-mouthed smile

120120135678 120120135680 120120135681

120120135683 120120135684 120120135685

Look at all this loot of mine!!
A few boxes of fried rice, a few McSausage, tens of nata de coco, plenty curry puffs and carrot cakes!!
How did I finish them all?
By taking them slowly over the next few days. I kept most of them in a fridge.
Yay! Saved plenty $$$!
Even the school staff know my habit. The nickname they give to me ‘food rubbish bin’. Smile with tongue out


Have been posting plenty status on FB recently.
Again, I shall record them here as they sound cool.

Now that I’ve unleashed my Bankai,
think of both my body and blade
as the embodiment of the sun
-Zanka no Tachi, West: Zanjitsu Gokui-

Kore de saigo da..
Domo arigato..

Never give up..
That was the choice I was supposed to make!

So what?
As if I care about what becomes of the things you want to protect. Make no mistake.
The things that you wish to protect are not the things that I want to protect!
What I wanted to protect was.. you
-Tensa Zangetsu-

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