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Penang Trip 23-26, February, 2014

Yoooz, readers! How are you all doing? Have you been happy, healthy, wealthy and wise?
I was in Penang from 23-26 Feb. Yup, I just arrived today.
So, today I shall share with you my trip there.

230220147314 230220147315 230220147316

First, Changi Airport. Well, I didn’t know they had set up such a nice decoration!
Since this year is the year of the horse, they put up a very big horse there!


This social tree has a facility which allows me to…

e_photo e_photo (1) e_photo (2)

take selfie!!! Then it could even email me the photos!


I finally met my Mom and cousin in Penang. There we stayed at Mutiara Gurney apartment ~ ~ ~

P2240001 P2240002  

Alright, 24 Feb morning, we all waited at the bus stop. We were on the way to….


Lam Hwa Ee hospital! Well, thank God the result of medical check up was pretty ok. So, we….


took photos before we left the hospital!!!

P2240014 P2240015 P2240016

From hospital, we went to this super big mall: Plaza Gurney!


25 Feb morning. We went to the  market to shop for some groceries. My mom cooked the food for breakfast.
After breakfast, we went to….


Komtar! Much like bus interchange there.

P2250025 P2250026

This Prangin Mall is the mall located just around the bus interchange. Well, my Mom used one of the services there.
3 minutes massage for RM 1. Nice and cheap! ~ ~ ~
From there, we went to…

P2250028 P2250032

Tesco! Another shopping center in Penang.
To me, it looks like Giant supermarket or Carrefour.

P2250029 P2250030 P2250031

We had lunch there too! Sizzling noodles and some Thai Kway Teow ~ ~ ~ 
After Tesco, three of us went home and rested for the rest of the day.

P2240019 P2250034

Well, look at our bus bills tickets.

250220147319 P2260036

Remember the groceries? Here are some foods my Mom cooked there.
Apparently she brought along rice cooker and rice ~ ~ ~  Yup, we saved some money!
Well, 26 Feb. We prepared ourselves to go home.

P2260041 P2260042 P2260044

Here is what Penang International Airport looks like.
Well, most likely my Mom will go to Penang again next year ~ ~ ~ ~

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