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Shuhui’s Qualifying Examination 18, July, 2013

Attended a friend’s QE last Thursday. She did undergraduate and master degree in the same school as me.
She then continued taking PhD in another school.
For her project, she synthesized plenty peptide strand which mimics peptide sequence of a squid body part.
She will then investigate if there is any hydrogen bond interaction.

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Before her presentation. She really practiced a lot.


Other two friend + me were there to support her Smile with tongue out
She did a good job and she passed the examination!
Congratulations, Shuhui! All the best for your coming experiments! Smile

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Qualifying Examination 10, December, 2012

Yoooz, another post on PhD. qualifying examination (QE).
QE used to be an individual session. However, starting from this semester, the school has decided to make it a mass one.
It is due to difficulty in finding the timeslot and venue which match professors’ schedule.
But of course, for me it was a free food session. I was simply too busy to attend my friend’s QE.
Even the school staff called me to help cleaning up the table via transporting the extra food into my lab.
Do you envy me?

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Not bad, I saved a couple of dollars for 3 meals.
My school is the best!!!!!

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Zilong’s QE Presentation 28, September, 2012


Another PhD student friend of mine did his Qualifying Examination last Friday.
Could not be there throughout the presentation as I had a group meeting.
But at least, he passed and he even celebrated it in a BBQ gathering on Saturday evening.
Congratulations, Zilong!

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