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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 20, April, 2013: Take Off Your Shoes

Eph 3:18-19
God’s love is the longest, widest, highest and deepest.

Ex 3:2
Moses was a somebody for the first 40 years. In the next 40 years, Moses was a nobody.
He was very broken. All the zeal of a prince faded away.
Moses saw a burning bush. Are we like Moses, worn out and lost sight of vision?

Ex 3:4-5
God is everywhere. However, He chose to show up on Mt. Horeb.
All of sudden the ground became holy. When Moses took off the shoes, he felt God.

1.) Touch Me.
Touch God and see God is still with us. Taking off shoes is a sign of humility.
Ex 33:19.
We touch His goodness and grace and compassion. Something happened when we touch God.

2.) Trust Me.
Joshua 5:13
Joshua was about to war against Jericho. The Commander wanted Joshua to take off his shoes.
Joshua was ready to make war as he had put on his shoes. By commanding him to take off his shoes, God wanted Joshua to trust Him.
Do not be afraid, we should just believe.

3.) Take all of me.
Ruth was in love with Boaz.
Ruth 4:7.
The nearest kinsman redeemer took off his shoe and pass it to Boaz. That was a sign of surrender to Boaz.
By taking off our shoes and passing them to God, we surrender our lives to God.

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