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ICG6 Housewarming 6, August, 2017


(~~Photo courtesy of Ligar~~)

Housewarming at Tampines last Sunday.
Yummy traditional Indonesia food, freshly flown from Indonesia (no kidding).
After enjoying the meal, we warmed the house with our prayer.

Thanks a lot, David and Ligar, for opening up your house to us!


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ICG6 Baby Shower 9, July, 2017


Baby Shower last Sunday!!
Our dearest congratulations to Robert and Santy!!

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ICG6 Baby Shower 18, June, 2017



Beautiful Baby Shower event.
Few months of preparation.
Lots of laughs, especially during the games.
Delicious lunch and cakes.
And more importantly, we prayed for Reyhan, Grace and baby M.

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Dinner After Service 14, May, 2016

Wonderful dinner time with the marvellous people!!
We had it at Food Inn Esplanade Exchange. Well, we were too lazy to walk to Food Place Raffles City :p
Nevertheless, no matter where we were, as long as we were hungry, food always tasted nice :P


20160514_201119 20160514_210723

Discussed about my work. Currently working on a particular project.
How to generate foam in the presence of ethanol? Well, let me see what I can do.
I learned to take selfie too in the end!!! Thanks, Rio, for the lesson!!


A friend helped us take photo! Yay!
Next week the cg is gonna have BBQ outing. Do look forward to the crunchy news! ^_^

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CG Sermon 13, May, 2016 Faith That Works

Heb 11:1-3
The worlds were framed by the word of God.
The Bible is incredible. It is the written the word of God. It is the signature of the Holy Spirit.

The sun, the planets.
They are firmly set in place. They were framed by the word of God.

Similarly, our lives are framed by the word of God.
What should we say? We should confess the word of God.
When we want positive things in life, we need to say positive things too.

For example, when we want to achieve sales, we need to confess positive things.
It is by faith. Why should the client choose us instead of other agents?
So, by faith, we believe we will clinch the deal.

How does confession work?
Confession affects the spiritual realm. When it is created in spiritual realm, it will come to pass in physical realm.

Heb 12:1-2
After the definition of faith, there was a list of the heroes of faith.
The completion of faith is in Lord Jesus.
He sat down not because He was tired. He sat down because He had finished His works.

God is in the fourth dimension.
He is outside time. He knows everything which will happen in our lives.
We just need to believe He provides at the appointed time.
He has set the time when we will receive the answer of our prayer.

Mark 4:26-29
Seed time and harvest time.
Seed time is hard work time. We just need to put in more effort. It is still doable even though it is difficult.
Harvest time is the happy time.
This is when we gather the produce of the crops. The result will not make us feel the tiredness of sowing seeds.

When is the most difficult time? The burial time.
The seed is buried inside the ground. The sower cannot see anything.
Many people are discouraged and give up on their dream because they cannot visualize their dream anymore.

Every vision and dream God gives comes with a protection layer.
It does not matter even when we cannot see it. The dream does not die easily.
The vision God gives comes with provision, just like every seed comes with nutrition.

While there is nothing we can do anymore (after we do our best), we just need to sleep.
We need to rest and let go. God will handle.

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Dinner After Service 7, May, 2016

Multiple service weekend was last Saturday~~
While the cg members attended 3 pm service, I attended 5 pm service.
Not bad. I gotta sit at the first row ~~
I have posted the sermon notes by Pastor Aries.
Amen! The LORD is still working on my past prayer which I may no longer pray.

Dinner time at Starbucks!!



At Starbucks Orchard.
Nice chat with the cg members too about the politics in Singapore ~~~ Hehe.

Can’t wait for another fellowship session with them soon!!

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Cg Sermon 6, May, 2016

Loving God and loving people.

Deuteronomy 6:10-13
Pretty outrageous favor. Cities which we do not build. Vineyards we do not build.
Yet, God gives them to us.
It is a good idea to claim the blessing
Nevertheless, we need to check our motivation. Why do we desire them in the first place?
Do we desire God more than the blessing?

Deuteronomy  6:1
To enter the Promised land is to dream big.
God can easily bring us into the Promised Land.
However, to be able to stay in the Promised Land, we need to learn.
We need to make sure the blessing does not become the curse.

God does not want to just give us the blessing.
God wants us to grow in the life calling too.

Before the possession comes, we need to check on our heart.
Do we love God first?

Entering into the rest of  God.
The greatest test of faith is whether we can rest in God’s promise.

Loving God is easier spoken than done.
To put God as number one is the priority we have.
The priority of life: God is first, family is second, work/ministry is third.
Loving God = prayer, quiet time, listening to God’s voice.

The initial purpose of God freeing the Israelites from Egypt is for them to worship God in the wilderness.
Worship of God comes first before the promise.

When we ask God for a job, we need to ensure the work does not take God’s place.
We may visualize the dream God has given to us.
We can achieve it while still serving God.

Serving God does not mean we lose the desire of our heart.
After all, God is the One who puts it in our heart.

Habakkuk 3:17-19
These verses we should know.
During our darkest time, let’s draw near to God and rejoice in God.

Loving each other.
Without loving other, we cannot claim we love God. It is a fake claim.
When we love God, we need to love whom God loves as well.
Though life must be hectic, we must love others.

Col 1:28-29
The responsibility of a leader is to present the member perfect in Christ.

When we come together, we need to study the word of God as it is the source of our lives.

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