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Was busy with Micro Raman training.

Looking forward to preparing the samples and test them under this new equipment soon!

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Verse of the Day: 2 Chronicles 16:9

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NIV, emphasis added)

The LORD sees everything. Indeed, nothing is invisible to Him.
He sees all things we do. He can even see our thought and spirit.
He sees all our troubles and failure, our joy and victories.

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9, NKJV, emphasis added)

As long as our heart is fully committed to Him, He will show Himself strong.
In the polytheistic culture of the ancient world, the strongest (D)deity was the (O)one whose nation was always winning in the war.
The credit went to the (G)god of that nation, not to human effort.

Yes, God will show Himself strong.
He will do so on our behalf.
We will win this war.

Keep believing!

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Free Dinner 26, April, 2011


My supervisor passed me this food. Praise the LORD for the free meal!


My full dinner today.

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Easter Service 22, April, 2011 (“The Centurion” Drama)

I was supposed to meet a friend before the service. I was thinking of having dinner with her. In the end, she called me over the phone, “Jefri, I am sorry. I totally forgot about our appointment.”


And there I was, eating dinner alone


The drama “The Centurion” was really touching. Here are the characters: a soldier, his fiance, a friend of this soldier, Pontius Pilate, and Lord Jesus

A skilled Roman soldier had a very good friend whom he considered his own brother. One day, he was assigned to lead a legion of soldiers to fight against barbarians in the frontline whereas the friend was assigned to be in the reinforcement team. This soldier and the legion fought with all his might, yet they were defeated bitterly as the reinforcement never came to their aid at all. This soldier was captured by the enemy and became the war prisoner.

The friend told the fiance of this soldier the death of the soldier. Heartbroken, the fiance married this friend instead.

One day, this soldier managed to escape from the enemy’s camp. He was badly injured during the escape as he jumped off the cliff. He was then found unconscious by Lord Jesus’s disciples in Judea. Lord Jesus healed him and had him carried to the nearest inn. Upon waking up from his unconsciousness, this soldier resolved to go back to Rome. Lord Jesus gave him some money to help him along the way. This soldier promised to return the money to Him one day.

Upon his return to Rome, he was shocked to discover the truth: his good friend actually betrayed him: he intentionally left him to death and married his fiance through lie. The fiance also was surprised seeing that the soldier was still alive. Enraged, this soldier swore to kill his friend. First, he went back to Judea to meet Lord Jesus to return Him His money. Lord Jesus’ advice of forgetting bitterness did not seem to work at him.

He then organized an ambush to the friend’s house. After an intense exchange of slash and thrust, he managed to carry out his revenge. Before his death, the friend told the soldier a little about the fiance and their son. The soldier was extremely shocked. Pontius Pilate came to the scene and saw the soldier after the murderous act. The soldier pleaded his case with Pontius Pilate and asked him to find the fiance and the son. Pilate agreed, with the condition that this solder captured Lord Jesus.

Here the soldier was pitted against himself. He had killed his friend due to betrayal, and yet he had no choice but to betray Lord Jesus who had shown kindness to him.
And the end, the soldier decided to betray Lord Jesus, although he had to kill his own emotion and integrity to do so…

He led Lord Jesus’s arrestment and crucifixion. He was then forced to pierce Lord Jesus’ side with a spear.. After doing all these horrible things, he found out that the Pilate was only using him and Pilate never helped to find the fiance and the son. He wanted to protest but the guards outnumbered him.

3 days later, this soldier was in deep depression: he thought could never he see his fiance and his son again. At the same time, he regretted so much of betraying Lord Jesus. He decided to commit suicide after such an emotional agony. However, Lord Jesus came in time to stop his action. Shocked to see Him alive again, this soldier tearfully apologized to Lord Jesus. “I forgive you,” He mentioned and soon He… brought to him his fiance and son! The soldier was extremely happy!

Indeed, Easter is all about forgiveness. It is not just one man’s sin; it is all people’s sins, big or small, which crucified Lord Jesus. Yet, He offers forgiveness to us all.

Pastor Kong preached about the work of Lord Jesus on the cross. Be it sickness and physical disability, financial crisis, emotional pain, sin and shame, Lord Jesus offered deliverance from them all.

It was great as well to see so many people came forward to accept Christ. People need the Lord, that’s obvious.

Very proud of the drama team. They are very professional in their acting!


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CBC Fire Drill 20, April, 2011

It was raining. But still, we had to conduct it.

It is good to see people from other labs, though.

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Dinner After Easter Service 22, April, 2011

Hmm, I have not been blogging for quite some time again.

Well, I have been too busy, that is.

Anyway, I had dinner with my friends after the Easter service last Friday.

220420111814 220420111815

220420111816 220420111818 220420111820

We had it at Café Cartel Marina Square as this place ended the working hour very late.

It was really a fun time with them.

Do look forward about the post on Easter Service itself, ok?

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“Holy” War

“Rise up, Argent Crusaders! The hour of justice has come!” Highlord Tirion Fordring (Warcraft: Fall of the Lich King)

This post is not about religious holy war done in the ancient world.
Also, it is not about Warcraft war to take down the Lich King as the quote above suggests. I only put it there for fun.
More obviously, it is not about Holy War item in Final Fantasy VIII which makes all players invincible for certain duration.

Sometimes, the hardest war is not war against Satan and his angels.
Sometimes, the fiercest and the toughest war is between us against our flesh.
Our sinful nature can be so tempting and we give in to it.
However, the LORD says we need to be holy like Him, the holy God.

So, here is the real holy war in modern times.
We war against our sinful nature to “maintain” our holines.
Certainly, this war is holy because this war is a righteous war before the LORD.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can win this holy war!

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Arise and Build City Harvest Church+Financial Investigation

I happened to read God’s Word today about King David planning to build a house for God.
He was a man of war so God did not allow him to build a house for Him. In contrast, King Solomon was a man of peace. So, God allowed King Solomon to do so. Nevertheless, this did not stop King David to accumulate the materials necessary for the building project.

City Harvest has not conducted any building fund campaign since last June.
All this is due to the financial investigation. Hmm, I wonder when they will announce the conclusion.

Isn’t it clear that the church is clean and accountable in its management of finance?

Suntec project involves 310 million dollars money. Some people think it is a big money.
But really, this sum of money is achievable reasonably.
310 million in 10 years which means 31 million in 1 year. Imagine if there were only 10000 members giving for building fund, one member would only contribute 3100 dollars in a year, which is then translated into about 250-260 dollars in a month. This amount is comparable to monthly insurance premium, by the way.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this year building fund.
It will be really a test for me on how much I love God.

When I am attached, I don’t think I won’t mind spending more for my girlfriend.
Shouldn’t I do at least the same for God?
In fact, I should give more to God since God means more than a girlfriend.

Looking forward to Easter celebration! Stay tuned!

Discussion Day with NUS Students

Went over to NUS last Sunday. There I had discussion session with NUS students, Sherlyn and Jin Min, with regard to organic chemistry. Too bad Elsa could not join us.
Initially I thought I could discuss NTU past year papers with them.
Unfortunately, time did not allow us. I only managed to clear their doubt they had found on lecture notes.

I remember I struggled a lot for organic chemistry exam too when I was in the first year of NTU.
Curriculum of chemistry in Indonesia did not put much emphasis on organic chemistry when I had been studying during high school. It should be better nowadays, though.
I shall not tell the detail here. Maybe I will put it under Personal Testimony page next time.

Then, I had dinner with two of them plus Daniel and Verene at McDonald there.


Jin Min, Elsa and Sherlyn!
All the best!
I am praying for your A(s)!

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 16, April, 2011

Hmm, haven’t been blogging for a long time due to work.
Shall update this blog regularly from now onwards Smile (to the best I can, that is Smile with tongue out)

Met Jorim at Starbucks Raffles City.


My morning breakfast! Oatmeal with honey.

Audrey jie then came and treated me lunch at Olive Vine. This is a very nice dining place with affordable price and big serving. You should visit it too one day, ok?

160420111793 160420111797 160420111798 160420111799

Thank you so much, jie!!

Auntie Dorinna brought cupcakes for us all!! Thank God she is in Sat B team. Poor other teams, they can’t have a taste of her cupcakes Smile with tongue out

160420111800 160420111801 160420111804

Thank you so much, Auntie Dorinna!

Pastor Phil preached about knowing God. It was a very good sermon. Is God more important to us than our dream? Than our vision? Than our achievement? Moses loved God’s presence more than the Promised Land. David loved God more than his palace.
I, too, shall follow God and put God first more than anything else.

The duty ended very late. So, Lionel and I had dinner at McD.

160420111807 160420111808

Thank God for a great Saturday!

Open-mouthed smile

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