You Are (Not) The Father


Just one example of lives broken as a result of fornication. And, the show has many more examples.
Why can’t they just save it for marriage?


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Cg Refreshment 9, February, 2018


Awesome dinner time with the CG last Friday!
Healthy and tasty nasi tumpeng. As usual, I finished most of the veggies :P.

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Save One


Batman: Save one.
Flash: What?
Batman: Save one person.
Flash: Uh.. which one?
Batman: Don’t talk. Don’t fight. Get in, get one out.
Flash: And then?
Batman: You’ll know.

A conversation in Justice League. Suits the season of evangelism.
Can each Christian just get at least one soul saved throughout his/her lifetime?
Once we manage to get one soul saved, we will feel that joy which the angels in heaven will experience too.
And just like Flash, we will then try to get more and more souls saved.

Save one person. Let’s do it.

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“Jiren, can you hear me? The time on saving your strength is over. You can start by crushing Son Goku leave out all the other weaklings.”

An extremely powerful opponent with a super cool accompanying soundtrack.
Listen to it and feel the power of Jiren!!

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オリジナル サウンドトラック


Bleach!!! Not sure why the anime is even called Bleach.
Nevertheless, I found this gem in Malacca. Some cool Spanish instrumental.
Let’s support the anime industry, shall we?

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Why No Coming to Church??


A sermon by Pastor Aries on Saturday, 3, March, 2018.
Various reasons why people dislike coming to church.

– I find God elsewhere
– It is not relevant to me
– Church is boring
– It feels like God is missing from church
– Church feels out of date
– I don’t like the people.
– Christians are judgmental, hypocritical, insensitive to others.

Some points to consider in reaching out to the lost. Easter is coming, after all.

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No. There is no regular salary in being a guild member of Fairy Tail.
Each member has to work by choosing a mission from the Request Board.
The difficulty level and payment for each mission are stated too.
Each member has to carry out the objective by all means.
Just get it done, by hook or by crook.

Must professionalism to learn from them ~~~~

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