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First Working Day of the Week

Yeap, it was a full long weekend due to Presidential Election and Hari Raya.
At least today I managed to regain my work momentum.
A colleague submitted his thesis, full with 4 years worth of work.
I shall work harder in the next the next 2 years then.
If he can do that, I can do the same too.

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Dr. Bernard’s Sermon 27, August, 2011

Dr. Bernard shared his heart about the recent case of Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK).
Since he was personally involved in it, he regretted the decision of Defense Attorney to dismiss the charge against DSK.

Moving on from that case, he taught us from God’s word “to be as wise as serpent and as harmless as dove.”
Lord Jesus has called us into the world as “sheep in the midst of wolves.”
By becoming wise, we can out-maneuver the wolves in this world.
Yet, by becoming harmless, we will not become defiled like them.

Such a timely message.
CHC itself has suffered from all sorts of slandering since last year.
We are really “sheep in the midst of wolves”.
But interestingly, all this slandering has never been proven until now.
I wonder when the police will declare us innocent..?

It was a timely message for a CG member too.
He and his colleague has decided to move into a new company.
They have suffered slandering in their current company even though they have evidence to show that they are innocent.

It is a timely message for me too.
I have some disagreement with NTU Alumni Club.
I shall update it when I have reached the conclusion, ok?

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Gym Session in Attributes 28, August, 2011

A gym session in Attributes:
– putting the stuffs into boxes.
– labeling them.
– shrink-wrapping the counters, cabinets, and tankers.
– lifting up heavy boxes and pushing them around.

With free gym session like this, who needs real gym?


Yet, Attributes cares for the welfare of the members.


And here is my reward.


Praise the LORD!

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Prayer Request

Some more prayer topic for people around me:

P. T. and coworkers: Prosperity in their new company.
L. T., J.J. and Sn.:      Getting excellent result for exam.
K. S.:                        Healing miracle for his family members.

Miracle will happen for them. Amen!

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Foods and Gifts

Hmm, have not been blogging regularly recently. There has been just too much work to do and worries.
Sometimes, worries come and I have to work hard as long as it is in my control.
Yet, in the end of the day, I need to keep believing that my God is the Provider, the Deliverer.



Some snacks from Yinlu. Thanks a lot, Yinlu!

230820112775 230820112776

Some gifts from my supervisor. Praise the LORD!

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Combined CG Meeting 19, August, 2011

It was the last CG meeting for overseas SOT students. They were about to graduate the very same weekend.
Hence, KS Zone organized combined CG meeting run almost entirely by SOT students.

190820112717 190820112718

Testimony time!


Interviewing their journey in SOT.


Praying for them and blessing them

190820112723 190820112722 190820112724

Preaching time!

190820112726 190820112727

Talking photo with them at the end of the meeting.


Celebrating a SOT student’s birthday.


Last but not least, meal time!!

May the LORD continue to use them mightily for His glory.

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Sermon Review XI: Left Here for A Purpose (Part B)

A sermon by Pastor Phil Pringle.
You can enjoy the sermon at Smile

Titus 1:5

Jesus Christ left me here for a reason.
I just need to do whatever God wants me to do.
Apostle Paul wants Titus to win the entire city of Crete for God.
God wants His house to be full.

They were elders over the cities, not over the church.
Elders should see the entire city as their congregation.
Hence, they should try to win the whole city.

Elders are the people who have touched God.

Ezekiel 1:1-10

The touch of God can happen even in the midst of vile places.
God gave vision because vision is a creative force.
Vision changes our thought and hence directs where we move.
God can do exceedingly more than we think: our thought is as loud as our prayer.
We need to ask God for a vision for our life.

Prophet Ezekiel saw the glory of God.
Let’s keep looking at God no matter how difficult our situation is.
Like Moses climbing up to the glory of God, he saw the finger of God writing on stones.
Similarly, when we enter into God’s presence, He engraves our destiny.

Angels have four faces.
Human: we are just ordinary human being.
Lion: authority over the devil.
Oxen: bears the burden and serves.
Eagle: spiritual life.

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